Stories with Conflict
February 28, 2019
Fall Pack-a-thon Sponsorship
August 26, 2019

Kids Against Hunger Space

Kids Against Hunger St. Peters has grown over the years through our packing events, packing millions of meals that have refreshed the lives and works of countless people throughout Haiti. When I discuss the possibility of hosting an event I usually mention three things needed for the event to be a success: 1) volunteers 2) .30 cents per meal and 3) space.

That list of three is now down to two! On April 15 we will be opening our first space out of Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters. We will have our very own space to put up permanent packing stations in order host our own events! This new space provides a convenient, comfortable, community-centered location to come together and make a big impact.

We invite every man, woman, and child an opportunity to be an active participant in a story bigger than yourself. This is a story that involves hunger, malnourishment, but also one that works creatively with organizations throughout Haiti to serve communities at their greatest point of need. Who would have thought you can join us in this movement at a mall?!

Be on the lookout for volunteer work days to help clean up the space, and please fill out the event form under to get your group on the calendar! It can be as small as 8-10 people, or as large as 60 + people! Our events are family friendly and a great way to serve alongside your children. 

We look forward to expanding our movement by working out of Mid Rivers Mall!