Kids Against Hunger

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Kids Against Hunger – St. Peters provides hydrated meals to children and families experiencing hunger in the United States and abroad.

The unplanned, but very real beneficiaries of Kids Against Hunger are the volunteers who package the food. The manual food packaging process not only feeds many children and families, it also brings satisfaction and deep engagement to the volunteers who package it. For most volunteers, it is the ultimate hands-on contribution that, because of its simplicity, individuals from age 8 to 80 can perform. Volunteers from all walks of life and society: schools, churches, civic, scouting troops, neighborhood kids and families package the food for distribution to starving people all over the world.

Host A Meal Packing Event in Five Easy Steps:

  1. Determine your budget – 30 cents per meal (minimum 5,000 meals per event).
  2. Complete an Event Request (30 days in advance)
  3. Receive an Event Request Confirmation
  4. Mobilize Your Volunteers and Host Your Event!

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