Donation FAQ

How much of my donation is actually used to provide meals for those in need?

Each meal costs .30 cents, and is broken down towards three elements:
a) Food ingredients packaged by volunteers,
b) Shipping costs to ensure all food is delivered to partners in Haiti, and
c) Remaining towards general and administrative expenses to ensure our ministry can continue.

Is my donation to Kids Against Hunger tax deductible?

Yes. Kids Against Hunger St. Peters has been recognized by the State of Missouri on a state-level and by the Internal Revenue Service on a federal level as being tax exempt (under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code) through Global Compassion Ministries and is approved for tax deductible donations. Make checks payable to Global Compassion Ministries.

Can I make a donation in honor/memory of someone?

Yes. When making your donation through this web site, enter the person’s name in the ‘Comment’ field. Please enter that person’s complete street address if you would like us to notify him/her. Making a donation in honor/memory of someone is optional.