Kids Against Hunger

Stories with Conflict

There have been some incredibly disturbing things happening in Haiti in the past month. Unfortunately it has become so bad that many American missionaries have evacuated the country. Kids Against Hunger St. Peters is an initiative of Global Compassion Ministries. We not only remain committed to being a tool set apart for useful purposes, but for inviting others to join us. At each packing event I express our passion to giving every man, woman, and child an opportunity to being an empowered participant in a story bigger than themselves. This doesn’t always mean it is a story without conflict, or twists and turns. On the contrary, we expect it.

There is currently a container with more than a quarter million meals ready to be distributed in Haiti (once it clears customs), and several thousand more meals in our warehouse that is accumulating for future distribution. We are keeping an eye on our partners‘ well-being, but also continuing in our movement to equip those partners with the tool of highly nutritious food as they serve the poor on a full time basis. This past weekend we were at Fairmount Elementary in St. Charles. Fairmount is a part of the Francis Howell School District, and they set the bar incredibly high by raising well over $6,000 through coin wars! Last Saturday more than 300 Fairmount students and families came together to pack over 22,000 meals. These are meals that will be sent to Haiti to continue our part in this story. It’s a story that involves work for food programs, re-forestation, school lunches for special needs children, as well as food to be combined with medical support in the poorest parts of Port au Prince.

Thank you Fairmount Elementary for accepting our invitation to join us! Just one question, who’s next?!

Fill out the form at to set up your own packing event for your church, business, or other group!

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