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Every morning I drive my oldest daughter to school, which allows for some pretty fantastic conversations between a father and his almost 13 year old. This morning we were talking about money, and the basics around budgeting after she asked how we were able to afford an upcoming vacation. I explained budgeting by what Dave Ramsey calls the “four walls” (food, shelter, clothing, transportation), and all day my mind has maintained a focus on the first of those walls: food.

The principle behind these four walls is before plan for anything else, you need to make sure you are able to eat. Then, you need to make sure lights and water are on, and so forth. That first wall still resonates with me. I’m sitting at the library right now, and I can think of at least half a dozen places that I could get food.

Two months ago I was in Northwest Haiti, and the same statement could not be said. In many places I have been, the places Kids Against Hunger St. Peters supports with food, there is not the same luxury of deciding “which place do I want to eat?”. Rather, the question might sound more like, “will I be able to eat?” I remember receiving insight from an amazing woman, Miriam, founder of New Life Children’s Home in Port-au-Prince. I asked her if our food support was a blessing, or more of an inconvenience in dropping our boxes in her space. She looked at me with a very serious expression as she placed her hand on my forearm. I remember her saying when you can feed someone who is starving you are creating space to speak to them about God’s love for them. Meeting the tangible need heals a broken moment, and reflects a greater hope at the same time.

The Bible contains many consistent themes throughout, and one of those is an emphasis on caring for those in need. In a world that has numerous options for religion, the book of James specifies that pure religion is one that cares for orphans and widows. The kingdom of God is already present among us, though exists among a broken world with broken people. That being said, the opportunity to practice a kingdom way of life is all the more important. When we approach something broken in our world with restoration (food for hungry, for example), we are offering a reflection of the hope we have in the future kingdom of God that will be in full force in our world. This, of course, is all because of the redeeming work of the king in this kingdom, Jesus.

Kids Against Hunger works to meet the problem of hunger head on. Our organization is filled with Jesus followers that are empowered, and motivated, to go to the dark places in our world where the problem of hunger is an epidemic. According to the World Food Programme, one-third of women and children in Haiti are anemic.

The next time you pass a location that sells food, give thanks. We are blessed food is so readily available, as it is not the case in many places. I invite you to become an empowered participant in this story with us on June 2nd at our 6th Annual Make a Difference Day. We need to raise $15,000 so we can pack 50,000 meals to continue supporting our partnering organizations in Haiti. These are organizations that are rescuing malnourished orphans, serving homeless seniors, and employing locals that struggle finding both work and food. Register for Make a Difference Day now!

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